The history of a village, town, city or country is like a tapestry woven through time; we are the threads that create the pictures – whether our contribution was small or large, every one of us who passed through left an imprint and had a great impact on the ever changing picture.  The following list of people identified Port McNicoll as home for various life events.  Perhaps some stayed only a few months, others may still have descendants generations later that call it home; whatever the situation, here are some folks mentioned in various records who, through the years, helped to create this special place called home – Port McNicoll.


1911 – The annual Canadian census would show that the population of Ontario was 2,527,292; because Port McNicoll was part of Tay Township (Simcoe East, District 119, subdistrict 20 – Dollartown, Port McNicoll and Dawson) it is hard to determine what the population of the village was for this year

·         1912 - Felix BEAUSOLEIL of the village of Port McNicoll received a deed to Lot 42, part of Lot 16 in the 5th Concession of Tay.  His occupation was listed as jobber.  $350 had been paid for the property

·         1916 – the village of Penetanguishene was the “go to” place to get an alcoholic beverage; the following men may have indulged in a few too many as they were mentioned in the constables’ ledger over the summer months (not all on the same night!) – the partiers (all of whom listed Port McNicoll as their home address) included:  Charles BOUCHIER, Alphonse RENAUD, Alphonse OUELLETTE, Hall CAYER, Charles THOMPSON, Charles CLARKE, Wesley RYDER, Joseph DUBEAU, John BOYCE, Arthur LATORNIER, Albert CARRIERE, and Peter DEVLIN.  Also noted in police ledger, though not for drinking, were two young boys Harris LEWIS and Robert Alexander SINCLAIR.  Their error in judgment landed them in the Reformatory for a short term. 


In the 1921 Canadian census, the population of Ontario was recorded as 2,933,662.  Port McNicoll was part of District 126, Simcoe East, sub district 42.  A review of the 1921 census shows a population of 1,074 residents.  There are several lodging / boarding houses listed; each containing a number of tenants; but by far the largest group of this nature are the folks enumerated at “Lot 15 CPR Boarding Camp” – there are 207 boarders listed, from all over the world – including England, China and other provinces in Canada.  (source for this:  Library and Archives Canada. Sixth Census of Canada, 1921. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Library and Archives Canada, 2013. Series RG31.)

·         1922 – Rev. Gandier was the Presbyterian minister in the village; one couple he married on 13 November 1922 was 32 year old widower Gordon Stanley CAMPBELL and 23 year old spinster Mildred May GARDINER.  The marriage took place in Wyebridge.  The groom’s occupation was artisan.

·         1923 – Arthur DESROCHES of Port McNicoll, occupation artisan obtained a mortgage on a property in the 16th Concession of Tiny

·         1924 – Mention of a Mr. CORBETT of Port McNicoll in a police ledger, the same report mentions one Thomas KENNEDY but it’s not clear whether he was from the village, or just acquainted with Mr. Corbett

·         1926 – Thomas ASSELIN of Tiny is noted as being “formerly of Port McNicoll, retired farmer” in a mortgage transaction – noted in the same transaction is one Giacomo BELTRAMI of Port McNicoll, laborer. 

·         1927 – Married this year on 25 May 22 year old William Frederick Alex DAY of Port McNicoll and 19 year old Exilda GAMNA of Midland.  Marriage was performed in Midland.  The groom’s occupation was listed as a truck driver

·         1927 – Herbert JENNINGS of the village was fined $10.00 for reckless driving on a public highway – that highway being Penetang Road

·         1928 – A Port McNicoll woman was accused by another of stealing her “hat and scarf” on 4th June from a dance pavilion at Tiny Beach.  The ladies involved were Lila VANCAMP and Mrs. Walter CROOKS




·         Marriage licenses were issued to the following couples – with either the bride or the groom noting Port McNicoll as their home address:

o   1932 – Joseph SAUVE, 19 and Audrey FOX, 20

o   1932 -Arnold Aloysius EDGAR, 19 and Myrtle Eva Marie LATANVILLE, 19

o   1932 – John O-BRIAN, 21 and Alma QUESNELLE, 20

o   1933 – Wallace CROOKE, 33 and Lizzie WICKES, 48

o   1934 – Moses Bernard QUESNELLE, 26 and Barbara O’Brien MITCHELL, 20

o   1934 – John Milton FREDERICK, 41 and Christina RAMSAY, 32

o   1935 – William Oliver LATANVILLE, 21 and Dorothy Marie SAGER, 17

o   1936 – William James WAY, 28 and Philomine MARCHILDON, 28

o   1936 – Earl Nelson PARENT, 23 and Muriel Elfreida PINICOMBE, 25

o   1937 – Edward John McBRIEN, 27 and Naomi Elizabeth ZOSCHKE, 22

o   1938 – Charles Bruce MARIGOLD, 21 and Levea Doris MAHEU, 18

o   1938 – Charles ROGERS, 22 and Edith DAY, 19

o   1938 – Goldwin Eli SHAW, 26 and Mary Audrey LATANVILLE, 18

o   1939 – Melbourne ROBERTS, 23 and Kathleen HADLEY, 18


·         Marriage licenses were issued to the following couples – with either the bride or the groom noting Port McNicoll as their home address:

o   1940 – Thomas Albert ARMSTRONG, 32 and Catherine Margaret McINTYRE, 24

o   1940 – Russell William COUGHLIN, 23 and Miltreda Verlene HOWARD, 22

o   1940 – Robert Leonard Smith SCOTT, 24 and Pearl Duluth GILBERT, 24

o   1941 – Andrew SAUVE, 23 and Josephine Mildred HUTCHINSON, 16

o   1941 – Frederick PEDLEY, 52 and Kathleen COLQUHOUN, 35

o   1942 – Lloyd Allan CAMERON, 22 and Ella Gabrielle DESCHAMPS, 19

o   1942 – Russell William COUGHLIN, 25 and Miltreda Verlene HOWARD 24* yes – same couple, two years later*

o   1943 – John Henry GARRETT, 22 and Allison Dorothy AYERS, 19

o   1946 – Alexander McCULLOUGH, 29 and Marion MURDAY, 31

o   1946 – Harold Mathew KING, 27 and Lila Ann ROOTE, 19

o   1947 – Herbert Arnold GAMMON, 37 and Sarah Gertrude CROOKE, 37

o   1949 – James Alexander BREMNER, 28 and Minnie Isabel SMITH, 32

o   1949 – Charles Norman CALLARD, 55 and Mary McARTHUR, 51


·         Marriage license were issued to the following couples – with either the bride or the groom oting Port McNicoll as their home address:

o   1950 – Wilfred Anselim BOULANGER, 29 and Eileen May MacKENZIE, 17

o   1953 – George Douglas PATTERSON, 25 and Geraldine DUPUIS, 20

o   1953 – Kenneth DUNCAN, 31 and Jeannette BEAUCHAMP, 21

o   1955 – Dixon Bruce LAWRENCE, 26 and Mary Isabella CURRY, 29

o   1955 – Alcime DESJARDINS, 19 and Marion LAWLER, 19

o   1958  - Lawrence Edward LEFAIVE, 31 and Lucille Marie MARCHAND, 43

o   1958 – Regis Bernard QUESNELLE, 21 and Marion Evelyn WALDUCK, 21



Sources:  With the exception of the statistical data for population and the 1921 census, all other information drawn from the archival holdings at Penetanguishene Centennial Museum and Archives, Penetanguishene Ontario; including – Marriage license issues, by the clerk for the town of Penetanguishene;  Instructions for conveyances 1st May 1921 to 14th February 1927 PCMA # 97103-27;  W.H. Hewson Instructions book, 8th December 1909 to 31st December 1915 PCMA # 97103-7;  Police Constable Docket June 1916 to 3 October 1928, PCMA # 97103-16. 

Extracts and information compiled by Deborah Crawford